How to get removed from an email list

by Jeff Rutowski on February 25, 2013

Have you ever wondered how to get removed from an email list?

Probably not because it’s pretty simple. Legitimate email marketers offer an Opt-Out link in their emails. In fact, the CAN-SPAM law requires that commercial marketers provide an easy way for email recipients to have their email addresses removed or excluded from future mailings.

More likely, you have problems getting rid of the unsolicited spam emails for penis enlargement or Viagra substitutes.

All of that said, there are a few things that you should know before you purchase a marketing list.

BusinessListPro and all of our related sites including,, and others regularly and continually works to update our marketing lists by using publicly available sources. We also run our complete list against the United States Post Office National Change of Address database. All of our marketing lists must have a valid US Postal address. We do not sell just email lists or just telephone lists. All of our lists contain all of the information that we have available. Not every record in our list has email. Not every record in our list has telephone numbers. But our marketing lists will have valid US Postal addresses.

Because we are a small company, we provide our customers a variety of ways to contact us. These methods include a toll free telephone number which also accepts voicemail and faxes, Live Chat on our website, Email and postal mail. Our contact information is provided in the footer section of each and every website page that we offer.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide 24/7 live customer support and, from time to time, our customer support may not be available during regular business hours. We do apologize for any inconveniences that our customers may experience during these service outages.

Recently we received a number of emails similar to the one attached here: Contingency Fee Attorney Wanted

We are somewhat dismayed by the attempted attack on our company by the anonymous sender of the email. BusinessListPro provides the most basic of information about businesses–name, address, telephone number and email address. What is amazing to us is that companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Amazon actively and aggressively scan every message, email and purchase that passes through their systems to target their audiences to deliver more unwanted information than anything that BusinessListPro could ever dream of providing. The bottom line is that that products and services provided by BusinessListPro should be the least of your concern.

Don’t worry about BusinessListPro.

We are unable to ascertain the authentic originator of this message but we have provided an excerpt from the message below because we wanted to take the opportunity to point out some glaring and untruthful statements made in that email.

The very first untruthful statement comes in the first sentence which says, “You can have your e-mail address removed from this opt-in mailing list we purchased from”

BusinessListPro and our other sites do not sell Opt-In lists. Nobody can. Opt-in is not transferable. We have never made any representations that our lists are opt-in. In fact, we have published a free special report, “What You Must Know Before You Buy A Marketing List.” Special-Report-Before-you-buy-a-marketing-list

What is true is that anyone can submit a request to have their information removed from our list by simply contacting us. You may email us at and we will remove your name from our list database. You may also fax us your request or send us a request by postal mail but email is probably the fastest and the quickest. We will remove your name within the Federally required timeframe–but usually faster.

Another untruth from the email that I mentioned was that the sender claims to receive an updated email list from us each month. We are not currently providing monthly updates of our list to any of our customers. We do not claim to update our lists monthly. Rather, we continually update our lists as new information becomes available. Some of our sources may provide update annually or even left often.

So, if the sender of this email is receiving updates to our list on a monthly basis, we very much appreciate their business and would like to thank them for their continued patronage.

Please know that BusinessListPro cannot control the actions of our customers. Anyone who purchases our marketing lists agrees to abide by all state and Federal regulations. That means that they will:

  • Provide a legitimate mailing address
  • Identify the email as an advertisement
  • Provide a method to “Opt-Out”
  • Don’t use a false or misleading subject line
  • The email has to come from a legitimate company email address

Therefore, if you are receiving an email from anyone whether they obtained your contact information from us or from their own efforts to collect your information from publicly available sources, you must contact them to be removed from their marketing efforts.

Finally, BusinessListPro would like to reiterate that it really isn’t necessary to follow the steps described below to have your contact information removed from our lists. We will remove your information upon receipt of any request whether it is received by email, fax, voicemail, telephone call, or live chat request.

Below is the excerpt from the email that we referenced:

You can have your e-mail address removed from this opt-in mailing list we purchased from, a division of by sending an e-mail to advising them in no uncertain terms that you want to be removed from their Attorney List which contains the e-mail address, complete name and address, phone and fax numbers and other personal information of more than 900,000 attorneys which they obtained from you and the other attorneys. BusinessListPro represents to the hundreds of customers that purchase their list that these attorneys are opt-in willing to receive e-mails from their customers who purchase their mailing list so please do not report this e-mail to the abuse department of your ISP as this e-mail has been sent in good faith. Doing so does not accomplish removing your name from the mailing list – only following our instructions will accomplish this. We also recommend faxing a demand letter to BusinessListPro at 800-280-4904 as well as making a telephone call to Customer Service at BusinessListPro at 800-280-4904 with your demand in addition to sending the e-mail.

BusinessListPro is supposed to update their mailing lists monthly so your e-mail address should be removed within 30 days. We order updates of their list monthly. As such, your e-mail address should be removed from their next update and you should not receive any more e-mails from us after 30 days. A telephone call or e-mail to BusinessListPro with a legal demand to remove you from their list should suffice to insure that you will never receive an e-mail or fax from this list again. If for some reason you do continue to receive e-mails from us after 30 days, please fax us at 800-350-8796 and we will manually remove you from our copy of the list as well as consider commencing legal action against BusinesListPro for fraud and breach of contract for failure to update their list as represented.

Inasmuch as BusinessListPro sells this mailing list to hundreds of customers, you may be receiving many e-mails or faxes from their hundreds of customers. If you want to be removed from their list you must follow the instructions above. If you want to commence legal action against BusinesListPro for revealing your personal information as well as your name, address and e-mail address, phone and fax numbers their address is 5535 Memorial Drive, Ste. F-101, Houston, TX 77007.

About the author: Jeff Rutowski is the president of and a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. is a company dedicated to providing its customers with marketing lists, tips and tools. Mr Rutowski writes regularly for

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