How to get your email marketing message opened–Quick Tip #98

by Jeff Rutowski on March 14, 2013

What good is an email sales letter if it never gets opened?

Don’t waste your time and energy writing emails that no one will open. You can write effective sales copy with some practice and if you know the methods and tricks of the trade. Taking time to learn them can improve the success of your email marketing program.

To be effective email marketing requires attention to the copy, how it’s written and formatted, how it appears, how well it adheres to the CAN-SPAM guidelines, and where it’s sent.

Here’s an excerpt from the Quick Tips list that can help you write an email that generates response:

Quick Tip #98
Create a subject line that pulls your readers into your email message. Your subject line determines 80% of the response that you will get to your email sales letter.

People buy products and services to solve problems and to avoid pain. Your email subject line should be designed to grab your reader’s attention with both hands.

Power charge your email subject line by using one or two of the 12 most persuasive words in the English language. Here’s the full list: You, money, save, results, easy health, safety, love, discovery, proven, new, guarantee. Using one or two could make a big difference in whether or not your email gets opened.

Practice your subject line writing skills. Use one or two of the 12 words and combine them with some of these subject line starters:

How to. ..
Why you. ..
What your. . ..
Announcing. . ..
Why you. . ..
Why some. . ..
Which. . ..
If they. . ..
If you. . ..
Discover. . ..
How to. . ..
How you. . ..

Take these examples, fold in the persuasive words and try creating 15 or 20 subject lines. I’ve given you 12 starter phrases and 12 persuasive words. You should be able to knock out 20 or 30 potential subject lines using variations of these. Dr Jeffrey Lant’s book Cash Copy: How to Offer Your Products and Services So Your Prospects Buy Themand Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples are two outstanding books that can help you with your writing copy. If you still need help, Marlon Sanders Amazing Secrets is another valuable resource.

Like every marketing program, testing is critical. Test a variety of subject lines and opening sentences. If you purchase your marketing list or if you are marketing to your existing list, you can use it numerous times. So send test messages and evaluate the responses. You will find that some messages pull better than others. You will find that some messages work with some of your list and not so well with others. Marketing is a dynamic process. Change things that don’t work. Repeat those that do.

About the author: Jeff Rutowski is the president of and a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. is a company dedicated to providing its customers with marketing lists, tips and tools. Mr Rutowski writes regularly for

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