How to grow your email list

by Jeff Rutowski on February 5, 2013

There are many marketing weapons available to businesses of all sizes. The good news is that in today’s social media-minded world, the only cost for deploying these marketing tactics is your time.

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can generate email addresses for your business.

Email is still one of the most powerful marketing weapons that are available to businesses of all kinds and sizes. You can schedule emails to be delivered in response to completion of forms, following purchases, or in an automated sequence.

You can segment your emails by customer product interest and purchase frequency and by just about any other way that you can think of. These are just some of the reasons having an email list to send your marketing message to can mean the difference between just getting by and success. But, how do you grow your email list?

The obvious answer is to simply ask your customers and prospects for their email address. When customers are visiting your store or website, be sure to ask if they’d like to provide their email address to receive your newsletter and special offers from your store. It only takes a few seconds to write down email addresses and many customers will fill out a short form when they are checking out. You can even offer them a 10% discount on the spot if they provide their email address.

Your website is another great place to collect email addresses. Make sure that you have a form on every page of your website to collect email addresses. Often, if you offer a free report, white paper or other coupon, people will readily provide their email address to you. Be sure to put your email collection form above the fold for maximum visibility.

Mailing to postal addresses is also a great way to market your business but it can also be used to collect email addresses. You can send a post card the snail mail route. On the post card you can offer a free report, a coupon or other enticement to direct people to your website where they can fill out your email opt-in form. You can also ask them to bring the post card with their email address on it with them when they visit your store for a free gift or discount.

Add links to your email collection form to your email signature. Include links on social media. Add a link to your email collection form to your Tweets.

Use your imagination to find more ways to drive people to your email collection form. Try this: sponsor a give-away. For a couple of hundred dollars, you can put a banner on a popular forum for your marketing niche. On the banner, advertise an attractive giveaway. Give away an I-Pod Touch or an I-Pad and you can be sure to collect hundreds if not thousands of new email subscribers. And, if you advertise on the right forum, you’ll know that your new leads are qualified because they were actively looking for information in your niche.

Of course another way to quickly grow your email list is buy purchasing a marketing leads list from a marketing list provider. This can give a quick boost to your marketing program. You will still want to be sure to solicit an opt-in from this new list of potential customers. To do this, simple follow some of the techniques suggested in this article–give something away. Entice people to visit your website and fill out the form.

Try different methods to attract traffic and collect email addresses for your marketing program. You may find that some work better than others. Look at what your competitors are doing. Look at the methods that attract you and entice you to provide your email address. Be a guerrilla marketer and try that method for yourself.

About the author: Jeff Rutowski is the president of and a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. is a company dedicated to providing its customers with marketing lists, tips and tools. Mr Rutowski writes regularly for

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