Article Marketing as a Traffic Strategy

by Jeff Rutowski on April 17, 2013

Think about what you use the internet for. You use it to find information and so do most people. They are looking for education, news, sports, products, services, how-to, recipes and more. So it should make sense that writing content-rich articles related to your business niche and posting them on the internet can be another strategy, another guerrilla marketing weapon for your marketing arsenal.

Another great thing about article marketing is that you can repurpose your articles for numerous other marketing channels. You can take one marketing article and:

1. Submit different versions of it to a number of article marketing sites like, American Chronicle,, and more. You can also check out,, and

2. Create a “Lens” in Squidoo and post a version of your article there.

3. Post a variation of the article on your blog.

4. Create a short video of your article and post it on YouTube.

5. Write short excerpts from the articles and post them with links on Facebook.

6. Create Tweets from the article with shortened links and publish them on Twitter.

7. Create a sales letter or autoresponder sequence email with content from the article.

There are lots of other things that you can do with the article but I also wanted to talk about the content of your article.

Load your article with keywords. Keywords are critical to driving traffic to your site. You should have website analytics that can tell you the most effective keywords for your website. You can also do keyword research by checking out and Armed with this information, you should focus on including your important keywords in your article title as well as in the first two or three sentences of the first paragraph of your article.

Include a resource box at the end of your article. This is where you can introduce yourself, your credentials, and offer a free report (through a link to an opt-in form, of course) to the reader. Be sure to include a compelling call to action to get them to click the link.

Choose a compelling topic. Remember, people buy to solve problems. Use your article to discuss a common problem that your target customers have and how you can solve their problem for them. Use the article to educate them and lead them to you as the only logical provider of the solution to their problem.

Keep it short. Your article should be in the 500-700 word range.

Write a compelling introduction. Readers will make a decision about whether or not they are going to read your article after about two or three sentences so you need to grab them early.

Not a writer? You should really think about changing that mindset. Your written communication is one of the most important marketing weapons you have. But, writing takes time and if you need help, you can find writers willing and eager to write for you. can provide a 500 word article for around $10. Sometimes the quality isn’t the greatest and the writers won’t have the depth of knowledge that you have but their work can be something that you can edit. For some, editing is easier than creating content from scratch.

Go ahead and try article marketing. See how many different ways you can use a single article. Play with it. Have fun with it.

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