Business Coaching

You did it! You’re running your own business. Congratulations. Bet you didn’t think it would be this much work. Maybe you did. But what counts is that you’re doing the work for yourself. You control your success. That’s exhilarating. It can also be a little scary.

You know that you’ve created a great product or service—probably one of the best in your market niche. You’re spending lots of time working in the business: doing the books, paying bills, ordering products, training employees, talking with customers—the list goes on. The business runs day-to-day but what about the future?

Hopefully, your business is generating revenue. After all, business is about selling your products and services. Without sales, you have nothing more than hobby.

But you have a great product or service. You know the business and you know that your products and services can deliver the benefits to customers and prospects. You just need to get the word out. It’s time to get to work on your marketing plan. That’s where a business coach will help you. Sign up for your 30-Day Trial of Unlimited e-Coaching by email now.

You’re probably saying that you don’t have time to create a marketing plan. I would say that if you’re not marketing your business, you probably won’t have a business to market.

There are literally hundreds of ways to market your business and many are low or no-cost but can have a high impact on the success of your business. My guess is that you are using some of these marketing weapons. Maybe you have a website or a business card or a storefront. Maybe you have your business name and contact on your car or truck. These are all marketing weapons. But you can use more.

The key to a successful business lies in sales. If you don’t have customers, you can’t sell. That’s where marketing comes in. That’s why you need to use as many marketing weapons as you can effectively deploy. It’s about the quality of the deployment and not the quantity.

Why small businesses fail
But did you know that poor marketing skills is a leading cause of business failure? Six of ten businesses that file for bankruptcy listed poor marketing as a major factor. Owners of the half of the businesses that failed rated themselves as low or very low in their marketing skills. That’s not all.

70% of small businesses fail within the first five years of startup.

Of those, 64% fail because of poor marketing skills or because the business owner didn’t fully appreciate the importance of actively marketing the business.

Studies and surveys show that lack of marketing or poor marketing is a leading cause of business failure.

Four critical mistakes that small businesses make.
So what kind of mistakes are businesses making when it comes to marketing? There are four critical mistakes that small businesses make. They are:

1. Failure to create a marketing plan
2. Poor marketing message
3. Failure to consistently deliver you message
4. Spending less on marketing during tough times

How do you measure marketing? Sergio Zyman – touted as one of the three best pitchmen of the 20th century by Time magazine would answer, “How are sales?”

The real question is, will your business be in the 30% that survives?
It has been said that 70% of small businesses rely on friends and family members for business advice. This is great if you believe that your family and friends will always be direct and honest and that they have the background to provide you with the kind advice that you need to be successful. If so, read no further, but if you don’t want to be like most small businesses–70% of which fail within five years of start-up–then you should think about working with a business coach.

Successful business people know that they have to leverage their time and seek out help from others when they don’t have the knowledge or skills in a particular area. You have an attorney, an accountant, and a bookkeeper. You may have a webmaster. You have someone to do maintenance for your building. Maybe you should think about adding a business coach to your professional support team.

Choose the right partner.
Choose a business coach who will help you create step-by-step and execute an effective marketing program without breaking the bank; will help you develop effective marketing plans, will teach you how to kick off and sustain a marketing plan.

Choose the right partner.
Choose a business coach who will help you identify marketing channels that are most appropriate for your business and evaluate the effectiveness of current channels; will teach you how to automate deliver your marketing program with software and outsourcing partners.

Sign up for your 30-Day Trial of Unlimited e-Coaching by email now.

Why a business coach?
What can you get from me as your  business coach?

As your coach, I will:

  • Give you an objective view of your business
  • Provide you with direct feedback and help you find solutions to issues
  • Be your accountability partner to help keep you moving toward your goals
  • Provide you with a sounding board for ideas, issues, and challenges
  • Ask you the “obvious” questions that you have come to accept as truth or fact
  • Help you work through personnel challenges
  • Help you maximize the use of your valuable resource by identifying sacred cows in favor low-cost, high-impact marketing weapons

Additionally, as a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, I have access to one of the most powerful small business marketing programs ever created. Jay Conrad Levinson launched Guerrilla Marketing in 1984 and he has helped millions.

Here are some of the Guerrilla Marketing tactics that we will use:

We will evaluate your 16 Guerrilla Marketing Competencies. The initial evaluation will set the baseline from which we can work together to determine strengths & weaknesses and also identify areas ready for improvement. We’ll update this evaluation periodically to check your progress—there’s that accountability thing.

You will receive my free mini e-Book, How to Create Marketing Plans That Create Profits. This e-book will walk you through, step-by-step the creation of a marketing plan for your business that includes:

  • The purpose of your marketing
  • Your mission/vision for your business
  • Your creative strategy that you will use over and over in your marketing materials
  • A marketing calendar to help you plot and track your marketing activities

You will get a list of more than 145 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons from which you can select new opportunities to promote your business.

We will work on creating and delivering a powerful Stadium Pitch.

We’ll take that stadium pitch and apply the 8 Keys to Presenting Yourself with Impact whether in person, in print, or online.

We will look at Social Media and see how we can leverage this exploding guerrilla marketing phenomenon for your business.

We will go through a Time-Management assessment. Most people can dramatically improve their productivity through deployment of effective time management skills.

If you are not satisfied with your current marketing results, you’re not alone. The difference is that you are an action-oriented business person who is focused and dedicated to success. You recognize that you need help. You want to avoid the four critical mistakes that small businesses make.

Here are the solutions that you can take advantage of now:

FREE: My blog articles, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media
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Best: Webinars, teleseminars, group sessions, speaking engagements, includes unlimited e-Coaching.
Professional: 1 on 1 coaching and business training, includes unlimited e-Coaching.

Can you spend a dollar to try?
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