Marketing Articles

Jeff Rutowski regularly contributes articles to the National News Today. Here is a list of articles.

Marketing to dentists? Here are 5 Quick Tips to improve sales and marketing to dental professionals.
Quick Tip #1. Testing our message
Quick Tip #2. Committing to a long term marketing program
Quick Tip #3. Use of demographics
Quick Tip #4. Understanding the lifetime value of your customer
Quick Tip #5. Measuring your results

If you are marketing to accountants and CPAs learn about the difference between general and custom lists.

Attorney Marketing. This article covers things that a marketing list buyer should consider when marketing to attorneys.

Are you marketing to car dealers with email and direct mail? Here are four Quick Tips to help you get started.
Quick Tip #1. Buy a general email list of car dealers
Quick Tip #2. Buy a custom email list of car dealers
Quick Tip #3. Repetition of marketing efforts
Quick Tip #4. Offer a lead prospect something free

Marketing to doctors with email or mailing lists? Learn what pitfalls to avoid when buying a marketing list of doctors to grow your business.

How to reach new insurance agents with email and direct mail. This article covers considerations for buyers of insurance agent marketing lists.

Buying a mortgage broker email list
One of the best methods for contacting a large list of mortgage brokers is to use an email list. Once you have decided to contact mortgage brokers using email, you need to get a list. Buying an email list can be the glue that holds your marketing campaign together. Read the full article.

Email marketing to insurance agents.
Email marketing has entered the mainstream for successful business-to-business marketing programs. Emails can be sent to your insurance agency list quickly, efficiently and as often as needed which can dramatically improve the success of your marketing program. Read the full article.

Email versus direct mail marketing for Dentist Marketing Lists. Email marketing provides perhaps the quickest and easiest way to reach dental professionals. If you are concerned about the environment, and want to be green, then email marketing is the way to go. Read the full article.

Do you know the value of buying a chiropractors list?
There are only a few ways that you can really grow your business. One way is to get more sales from your existing customers. That will only get you so far. This article discusses different methods for increasing your marketing reach.

How much does it cost for you to attract new customers? What is your average sale per customer? What is the lifetime value of your customer? This article gives you five Quick Tips for getting the most from you your marketing list.

How to buy an automobile dealer list for marketing.
Here are some tips on how to kick-start your marketing program to automobile dealers. Maybe you haven’t considered purchasing an automobile dealer list because of the cost, you may find that buying a list can be a great way to kick-start and expand your marketing reach. Many marketers find that the cost of buying a new list can be recovered with only a few new sales.

Options for buying and marketing to your attorney mailing list.
This article explains options for obtaining a marketing list for attorneys. It also covers 5 Quick Tips for marketing to attorneys that include:
1. Polish your professionalism
2. Lead with benefits
3. Be brief, to the point
4. Do it in writing
5. Make your email smart-phone friendly

In Marketing to Accountants, we cover the focus of your marketing program when you market to your list of accountants. The 5 Quick Tips included in this article are:
1. Keep your target in mind
2. Keep your message consistent
3. Maintain frequency
4. Measure Results
5. Adapt

If you are looking for the fundamentals of marketing to real estate agents, this article explains some of the options for obtaining your realtors list including the benefits and pitfalls of collecting the data yourself versus buying a marketing list.

Tips for Marketing to Doctors reveals statistics from a study of Florida doctors and their use of email. The best ways to market to your doctors list is to apply a multi-dimensional marketing approach that includes both email and direct mail.

Boost Sales With New Marketing Leads. The challenges of finding new marketing leads faces all businesses. Searching for a new architects list, for example, can be time consuming. Marketing to professionals such as architects should always be done in concert with your marketing plan and creative strategy.

How to buy a marketing list of veterinarians. Many states and Chambers of Commerce can provide lists of businesses in your area. Once you have your list of veterinarians, be sure to test your marketing materials and track the results to get the most from your marketing dollar.

There are four critical mistakes that small business make and these mistakes can lead to business failure. This is part one of a four-part series on marketing mistakes that small businesses make. This article will look at Mistake Number 1: Failure to create a marketing plan.

The second critical mistake that small businesses make is that many small businesses have a poor marketing message. This is part two of the four-part series on marketing mistakes that small businesses make.

Getting more from your marketing materials looks at ways for you to leverage your marketing materials to get the most use of the materials as possible. Examples include sales letter, articles, columns, PowerPoints, web videos, and more.

If you need help with writing effective sales letters, this article provides a subject line writing exercise along with resources that you can use to get your message opened.

This article discusses Quick Tip #138–Locate your email opt-in form above the fold. Helpful tips on improving your email opt-in process to grow your email list for your website.

Don´t let negative economic news paralyze your marketing.
Avoid common marketing mistakes by deploying your marketing through multiple channels. Improve results by personalization of your marketing message and addressing the benefits that motivate your clients and prospects.

What good is an email campaign or a sales letter if it never gets opened?
Jeff expands on Quick Tip #98–Create a subject line that pulls your reader into your email message.

I’d like to start an email campaign for my business. But where do I start?
This article reviews the basics if the CAN-SPAM Act and how to improve email deliverablity.

Get the most value from your next Direct Mail or Email List: 5 Tips From Direct Marketing Expert Jeff Rutowski
This article provides tips and tricks on how direct mail and email lists can be used to help you boost sales. In this economy, it can be a challenge to maintain the mental and fiscal discipline to sustain your marketing program. But, you must sustain it. So, get more value and leverage your resources.

Features versus Benefits Marketing Selling your products and services is all about the benefits that they provide to your clients and prospects. When the ask, “What’s in it for me?” do you have the right answer? In this article I show you how to discover the benefits of your products and services through self-interrogation.

Time Management For Marketing Business PlanningTime can be a friend or a foe. In this article I provide 5 practical do-it-today time management tools for immediate implementation.

Understanding Prospects discusses intelligence gathering for your target industry and market. Stay on top of industry changes so you can be ahead of the game. Government and Trade publications can inform you as to new regulations, providing you with new opportunities to address new issues, fears and concerns

Evaluate Your Marketing Plan In this article, I show that marketing planning is the process of defining who you are trying to reach, discovering the best way to reach them, and delivering a message that will help them. The key to business success is a marketing calendar that uses a targeted, rational approach. These are practical tips that you can put into practice today. The key to success for any marketer is to take action.

Implementing Your Marketing Campaign The best marketing plans will fail if you and your business fail to launch. Marketing requires consistency and frequency and ACTION. gives you specific steps to take to get your marketing plan launched. Successful business people are action oriented and your marketing plan will succeed only if you follow-through.

Business Marketing Tips. This article talks about the need for consistency when marketing and how direct mail and email can work together. It compares the marketing efforts of two pizza shops. The first uses strategic deployment of marketing weapons. The second pizza shop is the once-and-done marketer.

Handle With Care: Avoid dangerous email marketing practices!. Do you know what the 5 email program practices are to avoid? This article talks about the best days for your email program and it also gives you a Quick Tips on practices to avoid.

How To Manage Your Direct Marketing Program Are you leveraging existing clients to grow your business? Are you measuring your marketing efforts so you know what’s working and what isn’t? Here are some practical tips that you can follow to improve your marketing results.

Three Marketing Musts—Manage, Market, Maintain. What every business must do to avoid marketing missteps. How you manage, market and maintain the marketing program for your business is key to success.